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These three Magellan books are currently available for order in Australia only (sorry, overseas peeps, but the postage overseas is a killer, I'm looking into a good Print On Demand supplier in Europe, USA and Canada for readers local to those areas)...
All prices are in $AU and include GST with P&H added.

All books are 15cmx21cm/6"x8.25" Digest Size | Full colour and Glossy throughout!

Kaycee Jones’ adventures
start here!  (includes a short history of Magellan)
76 pages (Book 1)
The Great Leap Forward
Failure is not an option... so
don’t look down! (includes the short Go!Anna story Daze)
116 pages (Book 2)
Bad Karma
The future comes back to
wreak havoc! An epic!
304 pages (Book 3)
$15.00 +$5.50p&h
$18.00 +$5.50p&h
$28.00 +$7.50p&h
Combinations - Save on postage by purchasing two volumes this way!
Wannabe + Great Leap
(Book 1 & 2)
Wannabe + Bad Karma
(Book 1 & 3)
Great Leap + Bad Karma
(Book 2 & 3)
$33.00 +$7.50p&h
$40.00 +$11.00p&h
$43.00 +$11.00p&h
Buy all 3! - Save on postage by purchasing all three volumes this way!
Wannabe + Great Leap + Bad Karma
(Book 1 & 2 & 3)
$60.00 +$15.00p&h

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