Magellan Faculty
This is a b&w detail from page 19 part 1 and shows the faculty heads gathered for an Academic Council meeting. The Council are seated, facing the faculty (more on them some other time). Some of the Faculty 'existed' prior to this being drawn insomuch as they were already designed and/or had a predefined role - the others I made up as I went along. This particular frame took about five hours to draw, so I had plenty of time to work out some basic details for most of them.

Who's who
As a basic primer, not all staff involved in teaching at Magellan have super abilities, however they are all highly qualified in their field of expertise. Those with super abilities are all graduates of Magellan, some have been or currently are active super agents. A number of which are Force Magellan reservists or are seeking to be on the permanent roster of Force Magellan or the other international Magellan groups - those with codenames fall into this category!

  1. Dr. Ben Fedder [Medicine]
  2. Meeka Chi [Law]
  3. Brogan Smyrh [Criminology]
  4. Mark Morgan (aka Bamboozl) [Humanities]
  5. Freya Foster (aka Vybe) [Psychology] - Freya is also a councillor/therapist
  6. Tom Bass (aka ThundaKlap) [was Phys Ed > Security] - Tom is also the Year 1 Supervisor
  7. Dane [Xenology]
  8. Lord Psiot VIII (aka Infinite 8) [Arcane Sciences]
  9. Noem Andes [Mathematics]
  10. Dr. Biskart En [Demonology]
  11. Alison Marsters (aka Deeva) [Logistics]
  12. Justine Kef (aka Redd) [was Security > Phys Ed]
  13. Delta9 [Technology]
  14. Jaqi Leffee (aka Mademoiselle Minou) [Business Management]
  15. Putty [Special Needs]
  16. Professor Munroe McFlugle [Science]

Most faculties have various schools with a number of teaching staff. For example 'Special Needs' trains cadets in the mastery of their specific powers and abilities; 'Phys Ed' covers all manner of physical training from gymnastics and athletics to martial arts and personal regimen; 'Humanities' includes history, languages, media, communications/PR and even costume design; 'Technology' covers computer science, cybernetics, mechanics, etc.

Magellan: Super-hero cadets... their worst enemy is themselves!

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