Voting competition

Magellan books... win all three!

Kaycee Jones’ adventures
start here!  (includes a short history of Magellan)
76 pages
The Great Leap Forward
Failure is not an option... so
don’t look down! (includes the short Go!Anna story Daze)
116 pages
Bad Karma
The future comes back to
wreak havoc! An epic!
304 pages

These three Magellan books are soon to be available for the very first time... and here's your chance to win a signed set before they're even on sale!

How?! There will be a new Magellan character image to collect via your vote for Magellan on Top Webcomics (TWC) every weekday, Monday through Friday in June.

Winners announced on Wednesday July 4th...

Save and collect the different image for each day over the course of any given week, then email in all five for that week to be in the running to win one of two signed sets of all three books.

Four chances to enter: If you miss the first week you'll have a chance to try in the second, third or fourth weeks of June as new character sets go up.

You can enter once every week to increase your chances of winning. At the end of Round 4 I'll randomly choose the two winners from all entries received.

Double your chances of winning: If you are a Magellan Facebook fan or follow me or Charisma on Twitter you'll get a 'one extra entry' for each week's entry. Just make sure you include your FB/Twitter screen name with your entry... I won't know otherwise!

Rules & Regs & Whatnot

Never voted at TWC? Here's how...
It's pretty straightforward to vote for Magellan on TWC - click here - or you can click on this icon which can be found in the right column of most Magellan pages.

Magellan Vote Button

TWC has an anti-cheat/anti-automation measure to stop unscrupulous types from executing scripts that automatically clock up votes. Essentially they want to make sure you are a human, not a bot! When you click to vote you will most likely get a screen that looks something like this:

There will be a random image of a character from another comic... this is NOT the image you need to collect. You need to match the name of the character printed on the image with the three options under that image; select the appropriate/correct button; then click vote. This verifies you are a human (congratulations) and logs a vote for Magellan.

You will then get a screen that confirms your vote, plus you will see a pic of a Magellan character... for example:

Simply right click and save that image (not this one, it's only a sample, m'kay?)... you're now one fifth of the way to having all five images for that week. Just make sure you return on the other four weekdays that week and collect the new one available each day - when you have the set of five from that week/round you're ready to enter. Attach all five images to an email and send it to


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