Magellan Fan Art

by Joster

This is a remarkable photo-realistic submission of everyone's... er... fave pop princess super-hero cadet. Joster describes the process he used to create it below. Um... I hope the original model never finds out, but damn, she sure does look like Charisma! Thanks so much!!

Joster says: this was originally a photo of a muscle model from a protein pill brochure. When I saw her I couldn't stop thinking how much she looked like Charisma - especially with that pose and the look on her face, it was perfect! So I had a play around in Illustrator - making her a costume to cover the red bikini - and then photoshopped it onto her with a slight transparency to pick up the body highlights. A bit of brush-stroke filter effect and tah-dah!

Charisma by Joster

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