Magellan Fan Art

by Michael Kalimukwa

2009 Art Comp Runner-up *
First year cadet, Pher'Nian cephelamaid Fatima Hussein by Michael Kalimukwa
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Fatima Hussein by Michael Kalimukwa

Judges' comments*:
  • Somebody’s sure having fun! (LL)
  • The over photoshopped coloring makes the whole thing look blurry, but the anatomy is fine. (SH)
  • I quite like the eye candy explosion of colour in this, it’s fun and playful. Although Fatima’s eyes should be completely black I’m prepared to overlook that. The only negative for me is how the breasts are drawn because no natural breasts, especially bare breasts, look like that - I highly recommend this Sequential Tart tutorial! (GC)

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