Magellan Fan Art

Death of the Robo-President
by Brad Hodges

2009 Art Competition Winner *
"Death of a Robo-President" (featuring Robo-Pres Tin-Can, first year speedster cadet Nadine Turner and several Character Assassins) by Brad Hodges.

Death of a Robo-President by Brad Hodges

Judges' comments*:
  • Fantastic use of foreground, middleground, and background! Very thrilled to see such dynamic movement and colours. (LL)
  • Excellent composition! I like the perspective on this. Well done. (SH)
  • This is a great piece of art – has everything going on, drama, emotion and action with the nice little details (the moustache of the robo-president, the flag in the background and the character assassins at the back) to round it out. (GC)

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