Magellan Art Competition

This was a competition I ran in 2009 in a shameless bid to bolster my fan art collection (and, thereby, my ego!). First place received $100 and two runners-up $25 each.

On the judging process...
It was fantastic to receive such high quality entries for this competition - and that in itself raised an interesting challenge. On any other day, had I received any of the entries from this competition as non-competition fan-art I certainly would have been thrilled to bits. Every single submission was wonderful beyond words and I thank everyone who entered.

The problem with viewing such submissions through the prism of a competition is that one needs to start thinking about which entry will ultimately be considered better than other competing entries. And that requires some fairly subjective assessment, weighing any particular submission's strengths and weaknesses against any other's. This is why I asked two other webcomic peers - Lynn Lau (LL) and Steve Horton (SH) - to join me in reaching a decision. The process was essentially based on our three individual rankings which then ultimately determined the winner and runners-up. My thanks to them for their assistance.

As I intended on offering a bit of feedback for all the entries I asked Lynn and Steve to provide comments should they also want to. As I mentioned above all the entries were outstanding so our comments are provided here as constructive feedback and shouldn't in any way be seen as negative criticism.

Judges: the judging panel was:

My many thanks to Lynn and Steve for their time and involvement in helping judge this competition! Please check out their webcomics and websites!

Grace (GC)

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