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by mheatwole, July 2005

Magellan Universe characters Grace Crowley/xmung
mheatwole, 2005

Note: this story is not Magellan canon. Contains swears.

xmung comments: yes, so the cadets are only 16 and probably wouldn't be drinking alcohol - but this is fan fiction after all. Substitute "ginger beer" for beer and "cola/lemonade" for wine if you so choose!

The events in this story take place just after page 2.52-58

Sioni: Another drink anyone? Nadine?

Nadine: Oh, o.k. Another white wine would be fine.

Sioni: ‘Twould be fine, mine’s a wine, my nose may shine but.... uh, what the hell... Mudge? Rochelle?

Mudge: Beer’s good.

Rochelle: I thought you understood that I don’t drink alcohol.

Sioni: Mmm, yeh. True enough, and I respect that Rochelle. As I hope you respect that I’m capable of forgetting such things from time to time.....
Would you like a soft drink perhaps?

Rochelle: No.

Rochelle: Thank you all the same.

Nadine: What’s the game your watching?

Mudge: Huh? It’s football..

Nadine: No, I know. I mean who are the teams?

Mudge: Italy and Argentina.

Rochelle: I think we should continue planning our tactics for next week’s teamwork exercises.

Mudge: Argentina are the better team. Fuckin’ great ball handling.

Nadine: Um, I think Rochelle means our own team...

Nadine: Oh, thanks Sioni.

Mudge: FUCK! DON’T!!!

Nadine: What?

Sioni: She was just taking her glass from me.

Mudge: Too close!

Nadine: Sorry Mudge.

Sioni: I’ll just set you beer down here Mudge.

Rochelle: I think unless we discuss tactics this meeting is a waste of time.

Sioni: We spent quite a lot of time this afternoon examining how our various abilities might interact in a crisis. Isn’t getting to know each other personally as team mates just as important?

Rochelle: I already know what your powers are, the point is to coordinate them.

Sioni: Seems to me we’ll co-ordinate better if there’s a better understanding of each other... of stuff like, say, how much physical space we need to leave around Mudge so that we won’t inadvertently freak him out, or touch him by accident... I’m not pointing that at you Nadine, we all need to...

Nadine: No, of course.

Rochelle: I’m well aware that physical contact with Mudge would have adverse effects.

Sioni: You know, I think you and him are similar in some ways.

Rochelle: ‘You and he.’ Undoubtedly, in some ways. We have for example an identical number of arms and legs.

Sioni: I think you’re both isolated from other people. Everyone at Magellan has a power that sets them apart from the rest of the world, but your intellect and Mudge’s untouchability keep you both from relaxing with the rest of us, making friends and... I don’t know....trusting? respecting your team mates.

Rochelle: I suppose that by relaxing you mean that I should dull my mind with whisky like you do?

Nadine: I don’t think Sioni was attacking you. Of course you don’t have to drink with us, but....

Rochelle: Continue.

Nadine: I don’t think as fast as you - but can’t you try to like us anyway?

Rochelle: It would be an error to think that I’m in any way hostile to you. We are colleagues.

Sioni: I’ll drink to that!

Sioni: Even if I drink alone.

Nadine: I’ve finished mine.

Sioni: Let me get you another.

Nadine: No, it’s my turn.

Rochelle: May I have a lemonade?

(enter Charisma)

Charisma: Wilson, I want a couple of words with you.

Mudge: In a few minutes... at half time.

Charisma: Dammit! C’mon Wilson!

Mudge: In a few minutes, Epoch.

Charisma: Don’t you fucking call me that! That’s my father’s name!

Mudge: Oh, we on first name terms now? What next?

Charisma: Jeezus! I’ll be on the terrace.


Charisma: When that bitch made you touch me, how much of my... how much did you see?

Mudge: More than I wanted to. As usual.

Charisma: Just tell me what you found out I know some of it from the thought projection you made visible God, it’s so fucking humiliating to have your personal stuff invaded like that!

Mudge: Not my fault.

Charisma: But you know things about me. That’s so creepy!

Mudge: Most of what I know about you is boring, or ugly. You think I’m a low-life, some slimy kind of jerk - your exact words - so how come all of a sudden you give a shit what I think? Maybe coz I know how weak you are, how scared of being nothing that you have to make like you’re better than everyone else, big star, big hero, not daddy’s little girl. Well, I’m not impressed, in fact I’m one slimy little shit who fuckin’ pities you. Pities you. Yeah and if you hit me, I’ll read you again and have to puke.

(enter Tom 'ThundaKlap' Bass)

Tom: Excuse me, are you two alright?

Mudge: Too much to drink.

Charisma: It’s personal.

Tom: If you’re arguing about your disqualification last week, I’m willing to go through it again with you tomorrow morning, but tonight’s supposed to be about relaxing and team building so...

Charisma: It’s not about that.

Mudge: Lover’s quarrel.

Tom: I’ll be inside with the others.

(exit Tom)

Charisma: Wilson - not here in front of witnesses - but I’m going to fuckin’ kill you.

Mudge: Fuck and kill me? Yeah, I guess a fuck would kill me, but what a way to go.

Charisma: There’s an idea, maybe I’ll set you up with Jones. Sort of throw you two together.

Mudge: No, she’s been through... no, no.

Charisma: What? She’s been through what?

Mudge: No, no.... no, no too painful.

Charisma: When did you read her?

Mudge: Beer. Beer’s good.   

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