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Here's something I don't get every day... fan-fiction! In fact, I've only received three offerings so far - and they're all collected here for your reading pleasure. I've also included work by myself. My thanks to the authors and if you'd like to submit some Magellan themed fanfic yourself please email it in:

The Forn Cooking Extravaganza The Forn Cooking Extravaganza
by Zmiles [January 2012]
A winner of the Magellan Fan Comp and it's a great, fun read – Charisma, Rochelle and Jenna are assigned to, of all things, a TV cooking competition to improve Forn demon/Human relations! It works in ways you cannot even begin to imagine. ZMiles says: “The plot occurred to me shortly after rereading the ‘Worst Fieldtrip Ever’ arc — I thought it might be interesting to know how the other cadets reacted when they heard about Jenna’s flake-out”. While the story isn’t cannon it does a great job of presenting the Magellanverse in ways I have imagined but not yet depicted in the comic. It’s a lengthy read but very much worth the time.
Charisma_E Tweets Charisma_E Tweets
by xmung [April-May 2009]
Collecting all 250+ tweets and twitpics from Charisma Epoch's Twitter account which recount the former Princess of Pop's perspective of the events depicted in Chapter 4... plus some other adventures!
Sweet Maya Sweet Maya
by Pascal Rassi [April 2009]
Following the traumatic death of the young man she had been attracted towards, Maya Applecross finds herself in a deepening funk which even empath councillor Freya Foster is unable to break through. Then one day fate seems to intervene, creating an opportunity for her to move past the pain.
by mheatwole [July 2005]
With the daily exercise regime over the cadets gather together for a bit of team building... and discover more about each other in the process.


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