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Featuring Ranger Bill, The Heirophant and Hoodoo from Force Magellan

Some years ago I decided to try one of those "Vote for my webcomic" websites. In order to encourage readers to click the vote button I offered up a series of incentive/bonuses in the form of short stories and other artwork. This was the first of that series. The bonuses were like a sandbox for me, I got to create concepts quickly and (to a degree) randomly. That is why the artwork is a lot rougher than you're used to seeing in the main pages. They also allowed me a chance to flesh out the characterisation and back stories of characters who, while 'bigger than life' in the Magellan Universe, are only seen fleetingly in Magellan.

We don't see much of Force Magellan in the pages of Magellan, and that is a deliberate choice I made when writing the story. We get to see the world of Magellan mostly through the eyes of those in the 'outer circles'... in the case of the cadets, that's about as 'outer circle' as you can get before you're not in a circle. The public get to see Force Magellan and other superheroes in action, but usually in fleeting and/or distant moments that might also be filled with fear, terror, danger and violence.

This bonus (as was the case with all of them) was intended as a bit of levity... a mission that has unseen (but easily imagined) consequenes for Ranger Bill. Ranger Bill is the newest and youngest member of Force Magellan - and therefore very impetuous and prone to be a bit reckless. And yes, the scenario is a parody/rip-off from Alien... right down to the 'goddamn tropics' comment. It also pre-dates by a year or so the appearances made by these three characters in the Bad Karma chapter so is my first attempts at formulating a characterisation for them.

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