Magellan Miscellany

Cadet Exercise
Featuring cadets Montana-Rose Touchwood and Fabian LaCrosse

In one of my very early versions of Magellan both Montana-Rose and Fabian were intended to be two of the main characters in a small group of four students - that was before the whole Magellan concept ballooned out to its current epic scale and other cadets such as Kaycee, Fatima and Charisma muscled their way into the spotlight. (And in case you're wondering who the other two students were in the original scaled down version - they were Rochelle Kwan and a prototype of Brelvis Lonsdog called "Magus/Hound"!)

Even after I had expanded the cast and concept there was still meant to be a part for the playful American witch and the stuffy flyboy from France. Most notably that she would flirt with him continuously and he would disdain her advances. A brief sequence to introduce them was originally drafted for the first chapter but that all fell by the wayside.

This particular piece was another voting incentive bonus and is intended to slot in directly between pages 2.38 and 2.39 as part of the Gauntlet cadet exercise as they attempt ascend the Tower with slightly unintended results. Montana-Rose has since gone on to play a larger role in developments, poor Fabian not so much so!

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