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Smack in the Mouth
Featuring Go!Anna as "Sister Anne"

"Smack in the Mouth" was also a piece of voting incentive art and originated from a bit of forum banter discussing an annoying passenger on the flight saved by Epoch in Chapter 2. Go!Anna, in her nun guise as Sister Anne was also on that flight and, in addition to a near death experience, also had to put up with this snarky guy. One reader suggested he should get a smack in the mouth - so I complied with this piece of wish-fulfillment art!

I used Illustrator to draw this - a bit of an experiement which actually worked out alright. At the time John Allison was drawing his webcomic Scary-Go-Round in Illustrator and I quite fancied the stylings of it. While I was very happy with this simple pic, drawing in Illustrator seems to take 20 times longer for me than using pencil and ink and I wasn't up for the challenge of doing an actual webcomic this way.

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