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"Team Karma" concept art
Some original character art (circa 2003-04): Left to right: Kaycee Jones, Rochelle Kwan, Montana-Rose Touchwood, Maya Applecross.

When Magellan was still in the development phase I had considered a very small set-up where there was only one teacher - Karma Joffe. That was a little bit too "Charles Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters"-esque so I expanded the concept to have a number of elder teachers, each of whom would lead their own team of cadets. That led to the brief creation of "Team Karma", there was to also be a "Team Spence", "Team Gemmas", etc. But the concept then grew to the current Academy set-up. In the "Team Karma" scenario, Karma was out to kill Kaycee because she was really future M... well, the same scenario as ultimately played out in Chapter 4 - Bad Karma really.

I can't say I'm overly fond of the artwork here, it's very basic and even a bit ugly. But it is draft concept material so that's to be a bit expected, yeah? You can see the basic look of the characters has more or less solidified here. I think I now draw Rochelle a fair bit shorter; Montana-Rose no longer has an arm-band tattoo (nor a modified, navel peekaboo uniform) and Maya was perhaps ultimately a few pounds slimmer! The uniforms were never seen until the cover of Chapter 2 and their design had evolved a bit by then and a fair bit more since. I quite like the way I drew Montana-Rose's hair here... might have to reintroduce the look at some point!

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