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Guest art for Al Schroeder's Mindmistress, featuring cadet Rochelle Kwan.

I enjoy doing guest art /fan art (but I like receiving it more). It's even better when I can work in one of my own characters!

Not long after Rochelle Kwan was revealed as a cadet with a super high IQ, Al Schroeder sent me some fan art in which his character Mindmistress - who herself has a mega-IQ and frequently travels through dimensions - was depicted as being a tutor for Rochelle. I quite liked the idea and it made a lot of sense. This piece by me is a rejoinder that helped cement the "Mindmistress as tutor" concept - which Al and I then explored even further is the team-up/crossover story Buying the Stairway to Heaven.

This piece of art is fairly fun and cute, Rochelle is clearly in a much better frame of mind than usual. Sadly one of the sums in the hopscotch grid is wrong. Oh well, clearly I'm not as smart as either MM or Rochelle!

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