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"Welcome to Magellan, Kaycee Jones... Hope you survive the experience!"
Unused cover artwork for (as yet) unpublished Chapter 1 book.

Several years ago I was planning on printing Chapter 1: Wannabe and went about designing a cover for the book. This was my first attempt - a "tribute" (some may say, rip-off) of the classic cover for Uncanny X-Men 171 in which Rogue tries to join the X-Men but receives a very hostile reception from the team - "Welcome to the X-Men Rogue..." the cover reads, "Hope you survive the experience!" Mine would like wise bear the inscription "Welcome to Magellan, Kaycee Jones... Hope you survive the experience!" Like I say... tribute!

Anyway I was really happy with this and then shared with my fellow webcartoonists on Graphic Smash but the feedback wasn't as positive as hoped for. I hadn't realised the X-Men 171 cover had been "tributed" to death, so my effort was seen as passe and derivative. Oh well! I still l like it though - not only does it (kind of) feature the brawl amongst the cadets (see pages 1.36-1.38) it has a number of visual references to the original image - and I was able to legitimately work in a ligtning bolt since Anka discharges electricity!

The book never happened - but if it does I'll make sure to include this as an extra.

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