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Alternative cover for Chapter 2
This Go!Anna image was originally used as an alternative cover for Chapter 2: Great Leap Forward.

Back in the days when Magellan was running on Graphic Smash there was a requirement to produce a promotional image for the comic which would then be displayed on the GS home page whenever Magellan updated. Most of the other artists did a one off image for their own comics but I chose instead to utilise mine as a cover for each chapter.

In Chapter 2 there were two story threads, one focusing on Kaycee's gauntlet challenge, the other on Go!Anna's attempt to track down a stolen artefact. I decided it didn't make much sense for the main cover to be displayed while the Go!Anna arc ran so I produced this alternate cover which was switched to whenever her story ran.

Sadly it hasn't been seen on the interwebs ever since that chapter concluded - which is a shame since I really like it both in terms of design and execution. The symbol being projected onto her is the same as could be found on the artefact.

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