Magellan Music!

Force Magellan Theme Song
by Miguel Heatwole
OK, here's something very unique and wonderful... a theme song for Force Magellan! Miguel Heatwole is an Australian composer, song writer, singer, choir leader and musician - plus he's a big fan of Magellan and a great friend of mine. Both he and I hold a soft spot for 1970s Marvel animation, especially their intro songs and tunes - you know, "Spiderman, Spiderman, Does whatever a spider can"; "When Captain America throws his mighty shield"; "Doc Bruce Banner, belted by gamma rays"... etc! For some years we joked about having a theme song for Force Magellan were it a TV cartoon show and then one day, out of the blue, Miguel presented me with this wonderful piece... for my birthday no less! I love it - swear I had tears of joy rolling down my cheeks the first time I listened!

Miguel's site is being upgraded at the moment - check it out.

Listen: Force Magellan Theme Song
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There's a story worth the tellin'
How a flag was unfurled,
How a brave man, a hero,
Fell in battle for our very world.

From the founder's sacrifice
Was born a bright vision,
Skill with justice to fortify
Is our most solemn mission.

Schooling power in the young
Bringing fear to every felon,
Let its name be proudly sung:
Force Magellan, Force Magellan!

Magellan by Stephen Crowley

Artwork: I drew this picture of Magellan the super hero to accompany Miguel's theme song. Even though the song is about the current day team the song also references Magellan's sacrifice, legacy and the Academy - it's very stirring! In the past I've been very wishy washy around the design for Magellan's costume and have wanted to come up with something much more definitive and appealing whilst retaining elements of the original concept. This image (with a Captain Marvel pose shamelessly borrowed from Alex Ross' awesome art in SHAZAM! The Power of Hope) finally does Magnus Magellan some justice I think!


Magellan Grace Crowley 2004-15